Friday, December 10, 2010



Here's the boards that I put up to present to the reviewers today, they turned out pretty nice, though we spent most of the time talking about my model -- which was to be expected


Well, today was the big day, the big event, the big blue cheese, the hot....stinky...(well, you get the point)

We had final review today of our museum designs, I was busy all morning after staying up all night with an all nighter (gotta love it) and I was furious with my project. Didn't think I was going to have anything valuable to show at our review, I felt like an idiot, I was a bit delirious, and super frustrated....Anyways, upon zero hour I put up everything I had to present, took a step back, and was pleasantly surprised with what I had!

Long story short, all of the reviews seemed to really like my project, and in comparison to the other reviews that I was hearing, it seemed I had one of the better projects of the class (of course you know if you ask me personally I would tell you it is the greatest thing ever). Now hoping to be selected as one of two people from out class of 14 to go present my museum design to the directors at the FIGGE museum in Davenport, the big dogs! I don't believe there is a cash prize for this sort of thing (though there usually is, super lame!) I hope, and also expect, to be chosen as one to present there. What a great day.

Here's some pics from the review that I took, ones of me and my review shall come shortly...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Another rendered image for you to check out! This one is of my main staircase, which depicts the same 'moment' or concept behind my design, a rotation of simple geometric objects to create interesting spaces that are easily understandable and manageable for circulation and exhibition -- haha......architecture language --- i love it

Image of the project I did previous to this, 
where my concept of this museum design spawned from -- notice the similarities!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Another rendered image of my museum -- this one is of my "Industrial Innovation" exhibition -- all of our exhibits in our program were very loosely defined and most of the exhibits are supposed to be 'objects' -- whatever that means...

So in my rendering I added a Helicopter (fully loaded with an automatic gun, of course), and a wind turbine in the back -- I will probably add more to it with photoshop (time permitting). I'm thinking of adding slot machines as well, jus to play a joke on my professor who keeps giving me crap about my  absence from class while I was in Vegas, whata you think??


Starting work on my 1/8" = 1'-0" model. A lot of students in our class choose to use a laser cutter for work like this, I guess I'm just too stubborn...Here's my work desk depicting me hacking away at some basswood with a box cutter, might end up slicing my spleen open, no worries though, ive got tough blood.

What I'm cutting now will be the exterior walls, though these are modeled in wood, the actual material would be metal panels, check it out!

Metal Panel pattern

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, the final project for my museum design is coming to a close -- been working night and day on it, and I've finally got something to show off, this is my first of a few interior perspectives that ive created in a 3d digital modeling program (Revit). This one is of my interior lobby, bookstore, and front desk. Check it out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

enjoying my lunch today with a couple slices of pizza and watching our College of Design jammers do their thing...i joined in later with a little bit of paper plate percussion