Monday, January 31, 2011

Review Day!

Had our first 'final' review of our first project today, and I would say it went splendid!

We presented in two groups, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, I was in the afternoon group. Unfortunately, the professor I was most looking forward to reviewing me critiqued the first group, and not the second. Luckily, I caught him in the intermission time and he gave me a praise-filled 2 minute crit, which made me extremely happy :)

I was first to present in the second group, so I had the great opportunity to present the whole project before explaining my design. Most students do not like to do this, but I take full advantage because I feel I can spin it to help my own cause -- you know me, sneaky sneaky. The review went really well, the only thing they commented on, was a conversation I had a few times with my professor in that my seating were large pews which made the space inflexible -- i just bit my tongue and nodded my head, as I still believe in my idea and form, that this type of seating is the right answer, oh well. They loved my drawings!

Ugh -- now that we got that out of the way, check out the review!

Check out the winning smile before the review!

Section Perspective (click to enlarge)

two of my 3 boards -- the third one explained my process

tra la la ...this is my sweet project

"No no no it this way"

"Let me just write this down...."

Review team

everyone brings their dogs inside here -- Lilly was a sweetheart

The man in the middle is the owner of the church building -- he stopped by to check out our work, he seemed pretty impressed!


Kwon always makes awesome models :)


view from the back of the room

Matt Gaul in the other critique room

his project was based on a birds lungs -- the interior houses a gigantic air organ!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

preparing for review day...

First of two, maybe three boards of my presentation material:

Check the top right corner here -- my wall of mia famiglia :)

tried to add some minor pastel work to the trace paper, to make it seem aged -- not sure how well that worked...


Pops wanted to see some sketches -- so per his request, here are some:

Only had about 3 minutes to do this one -- class was moving too fast and I was getting left behind....

Forum of Trajan

Sketches from our building site

Temple of Portunis & Hercules
S. Maria in Cosmedin
Arch of Janus

Basillica Nuova

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Me lately

ME lately: I've been working on my studio project trying to get it finished before our review on Monday, think I have all my ideas finalized, now I just hope the drawings come out lookin sweet

More class history tours -- I love these things, who gets to study history just by taking a nice morning walk? When in Rome -- you do

Sketch section (click to enlarge)

Old Forum temple

Old & new(er) Rome

Sweet dome

Monument to Emanuel

Richard Mier museum -- suuper sweet!

the class learning away

Professora professing away

Old and new -- sweet design

Rome representing the bulls horns!

The Ara Pacis -- they sacrificed people in here back in the day, you got a really good idea about this because on the floor on the inside they have gutters to empty out all of the blood -- sweeet

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Having fun with Kwon

Before we went on our Jewish Ghetto tour, our whole class watched a film that was based in this area. It was about an elderly gentleman who had lost a secret male lover to Nazi concentration camps. Before the invasion these two gentlemen would write romantic love notes to each other to keep their love a secret. Using this ploy, I decided to have some fun with Kwon while we were on our tour, it ended up being a great time, haha

My fun love note to Kwon

My secret hiding spot -- the bench where we have lunch

He read it -- then promptly replied "Cory, you're not my lover?!"

 ---   I love Roma

Roman Ghetto Tour

The area around our studio in Roma is also referred to as the Jewish Roman Ghetto -- keep in mind the term ghetto holds a slightly different meaning here than in the US. Building in this area first began in 27 BC, and the jewish community didn't start to migrate here until given equality in 1929 in Italy. This tour was very interesting to hear about the history and stories of the area over time, neat stuff!

Class enjoying a Jewish-style pizza, pretty tasty!

The plaque on the wall here talks about the city of Roma in 1943 when the Nazis invaded the ghetto and removed 1022 Jews (only 12 of these survived the camps)

Checking out the Portico d'Ottavia, also notice other (American)students on the left from some other school sitting around sketching it, pretty cool place, eh?

This corridor to a courtyard was designed on a diagonal (not a classic Roman tradition) for the owner so he could get a view of the historic church across the road as he left his residence, NICE

Sweet Baroque church

View of the area of the Jewish Ghetto from the Valle Trastevere bridge