Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 2 Update

Things are still coming right along at the house!

Once we got the walls stood up on the garage, we had to drill the anchor bolts back into the existing concrete slab. For some reason, I thought this wouldn't be that hard - but it took us basically all day and we still didn't finish it - I had to come back the next day and finish it off. 

Painting (or so I'm told) is nearly complete! Here is Abby working hard :)

Pops was able to get the opposite wall of the Master Bedroom all trimmed out - looks great, now ready for paint!

Paint from downstairs starting to make its' way up!

Got the washer/dryer installed! This appliance was a gift from my lovely parents - thanks!

Paint in the bedrooms

More paint in the bedrooms

I delivered my carpet tile to the house - I was able to get over 200 sq ft of this free of charge thanks to some carpet reps that really like us at FEH. It will be a 'mock up' for them. 

One of my old high school teachers, Mr. Owens, came and put in some work on my roof for me He just tore off the shingles over the sun room and then replaced them and I think it looks great!

After finally getting all of the anchor bolts set Ryan and I started putting sheathing over the stud framing. We were moving at a pretty good pace, I thought, until our trusty staple gun stopped working. We were only able to get about 25% of the garage done. 

Ryan and I working...while Abby sits in the hammock and just watches. Nice. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Week One Reno Updates!

Here is some of the 1st week renovation updates. Work has been really moving along at the house and I am really liking everything that I have selected in terms of colors and designs.

Abby and my mom have been rolling right through the paint job and it is really starting to rationalize all of the spaces in the home. I thought I would go with shades of gray for all of the walls with light gray ceilings and white trim - I really wanted the walls to fade away so once I move in all of my colorful art that will get placed on the walls, as well as some pieces of furniture will really give the rooms splashes of color.

My pops came in the other night and started to work on my Picture Frame trim job in the Master Bedroom. He was able to knock out one wall and it looks great - I'm really excited to see what it looks like with paint on it. 

Work has also started on my Hall Bath. I was able to get the underlayment for the ceramic tile installed as well as my vanity top. Props for my first sink install!

I was also able to get to demolishing the damaged floor in the Sunroom and then laid back some fresh subfloor. I had a little struggle with shimming it up so it was as close to level as I could - but now that it's all screwed down it looks great. That floor is totally ready for my band to set up in and straight melt face. 

And last but definitely not least - the Garage. Boom, so excited about this - walls are starting to go up! Ron and I went crazy with the nail gun yesterday as we tried to conquer the puzzle that is that crazy sloped, crooked, unlevel-in-every-direction floor slab. Whew, it was a pain but we are getting through it. 

Coming Along

These are really coming along at the house!

As I had said before, in purchasing this home I saw a lot of opportunities to make it my own. There were a number of things that I wanted to change/renovate with this house. Here's a summary of the things I plan on doing to it:

- Re-build the demolished 2-Car Garage

- Renovate the entire kitchen, including new cabinets, counter tops, ceramic tile floor, glass tile back splash, and stainless steel appliances

- Refinish the original hardwood floor

- Renovate the hall bath with a new vanity top and new ceramic tile floor

- Add a dry bar to the Dining Room

- Trim the Master Bedroom with a 'Picture Frame' design

- Repair the damaged Sunroom floor and finish with Carpet Tile

- Repair the damaged roof over the entry canopy and Sunroom

- Paint all walls and ceilings with a new (gray) color scheme

- Add a patio off the rear porch of salvaged Granite from 801 Grand - thanks for the hookup Abby!

- Improve the curb appeal of the front of the home, somehow. Abby?

I'm sure there are items I have missed but this is the list for now - I will be updating these items as they happen, so excited!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exterior Photos

Check out some of these photos of the exterior of my new home. I don't plan on changing much about the exterior - but there are plans in the works for updating the landscape designs...Abby? :)

Also, take a look at the garage slab - updates to come on that project!


Driveway Side

Back Sun Room - The roof of this room to be repaired

Garage Slab & back yard - materials for the re-build are already on site!

Rear - planning on building a patio out back off of this porch using Granite from 801 Grand!


Porch, future patio area, and garage slab & backyard beyond

Garage Slab

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Long lost followers, I apologize – you probably thought I fell of the edge of the Earth. It has been a long while since I last posted, and a lot has happened in that time.

In the late spring of 2012 I graduated from the Iowa State University College of Design Architecture Program, the single greatest accomplishment of my short life. The program currently ranks as the 9th best program in the country and getting through that is something I am very proud of. I made several good friends, rocked out in some great shows, and had many unforgettable experiences. Thank you to all who supported me through those years, I could not have done it without you.

Shortly after graduation I was given a wonderful opportunity to work for a great hero of mine, my father at FEH Associates. I have been working there for over a year now and am working on some great projects in many different scopes. I really love what I do, and the people and clients that I do it for.

The real reason I decided to blog again is because of my next big project. I recently purchased my first home. The whole buying process was a nightmare, but I am past that now, so let’s not discuss that any further. I purchased the home out of foreclosure trying to find something affordable and something I could make my own.  

When I was first looking for homes there was just a few things that were on my ‘must have’ list:
1.      At least 2 bedrooms
2.      At least 1 public bath
3.      Large Yard
4.      At least 1 car garage (or opportunity to build one)
5.      Around 1,000 sq ft

The home I purchased has all of these, and all with the ability to make the home my own. After looking through the photos you should be able to tell where the ‘areas of need’ lie. I cannot wait to get started on this project, and to have a place I can call my own.

As the process continues, I will keep you all updated. Here goes nothing!

Please take a look at the ‘before’ photos attached. 

Back Sun Room

Living Room, looking towards the front door

Standing in the living room, looking towards dining room, kitchen, and sun room beyond

Living room

Dining Room

Dining Room, kitchen beyond

Washer/Dryer room

Public bath

Main Level bedroom

Main Level bedroom


Kitchen looking towards dining, living room beyond

Kitchen & Dining

Upper level bedroom

Upper level bedroom

Upper level bedroom

Upper level bedroom

Exterior photos to follow!