Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 5 update

Going into Week 5 I was really more excited about what is about to take place in week 6 - the house will be nearly complete and ready for move in!

Once I had the kitchen all jacked up I could finally completely clear out the kitchen and start laying tile underlayment - this process took much longer than anticipated. O well. 

Maybe it's hard to tell, but when I went to go pick up all of the tile, it made my car ride reaaaalll low. 1,200 ldbs of ceramic tile, woohoo!

All of the old kitchen cabinets will now reside in my garage - I'm pretty happy with re-using these materials in this way. 

The tile underlayment is all installed - I am so excited to see the dark gray tile get installed!

Week 4 update

We're really starting to come down the back stretch here at my house - getting everything all prepped for final finishes, and I couldn't be more excited!

Abby designed and made me this awesome sign for my front planter - it will have a light inside of it and the numbers will glow at night - I am so excited about this.

 My girlfriend > Everyone else's girlfriends

Roofing the garage - that's my butt. 

All finished!

Weather barrier all stapled on - now ready for siding

I had this old shower stall in my basement that I elected to chop up into smaller pieces rather than carry up my cramped stairwell as one heavy piece.

I needed to get the old shower stall out of the way to make room for this floor jack. The kitchen above this space had a really big bow in it, so I needed to jack it up to make everything flush before the tile underlayment or floor went in.


I sandwiched each side of this existing beam after everything was level just for extra support - I still need to add the through bolts to this, however. 

Check out Abby's cool sign all lit up - Just a mock up for now until we get power to the front planter.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 3 Update

Okay, so let's discuss things other than the garage...

Everything inside the home is coming along well also! The girls have been rolling right through the paint (don't mind the pun). Aside from painting, a few other things have been taking place as well.

Kitchen Demo started

Moved all of the kitchen cabinets into the sun room to soon be placed in the garage (yay to re-use of materials!)

All that's left is the stove and the beer fridge (duh)

Trim painting in the/my Master Bedroom is nearly complete! I'm really excited about this picture framepattern, it's looking really great - thanks to pops & the painters

I started demo-ing the shelves that came with my master closet, i cut them a bit shorter because they seemed wayyyy too long - now they are just waiting for paint!

Same thing on the other side

Another kitchen shot. 

Also, I got some new locks for my doors! New keys have been distributed and (finally) Abby has a key to my place. 

Staining of the original hardwood floors will take place this week so here are some photos of it before the color and polish changes!

I had my brother Ryan working away on sanding and re-painting the window sills outside of the house. These are really making dramatic changes outside!

Living room window to be painted after sanding is complete. 

Garage Update!

Whew! Work on the home is going going going!

Garage Update!!

Framing on the garage has been a great learning experience for me - I'm definitely not destined to be a framer... As I started laying sheathing on the garage I discovered my rookie-ness. As you might see, the layout of the sheets looks like a jigsaw puzzle - but anyways, it is moving along. I'm really excited to see this garage come to formation!

As week 4 started, I was able to convince some friends of mine to come and help me start the roof trusses last weekend. I really thought it was going to be a long, drawn out process - but for once, it wasn't! We were able to get all of the trusses up, and then sheathed all in the same day. The next day we came back and patched up the rest of the wall sheathing along with adding the overhang 'ladders' to the front and back. It was a hugely successful weekend with lots of hard work and sweat but I'm glad we were able to get what I had hoped to get accomplished with time left for an ice cold beer (or two). Thanks to everyone who came and helped during the hot summer? heat.

Getting ready to set trusses at 8am

The first truss goes up!

Yea - Bailey and Abby were having fun taking photos

Allye enjoying some shade

3 guys standing, one working. 

The last truss is up!

Pops starting to cut the roof sheathing

Roof sheathing almost done!

End of day Saturday

My buddy Brad came all the way from Sioux City to help - I tried to convince him to move here to be my roommate, we'll see how that goes. 

My car fits!

little Bailey was sooo tired after a long weekend, she was ready to go home. 

I'm not sure if I have shared a photo on how huge my back yard is, but she's not small. 

Overhang 'ladders'