Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sharps and Flats

For those of you who missed it -- a video from me and Mike's performance at our Rome Exhibition night in Ames, Iowa



Well --- i just got back from Boston!

The trip was great, more than I could have ever hoped for. The weather was phenomenal, the people's accents were cool, the sites were great, the cyclones won, and I ate a whole lot of chowder, and enjoyed a few of Boston's own Samuel Adams' while I was there. A lot of stories to be told from this one, but ill just stick to the pictures for yas...

Just arriving in Boston -- taking the 'T' train into town

Driving down to Hartford from Boston for the Cyclone game!

These were our first seats...

And these are the ones we snuck into...

Brewery tour

My glass sketch

Tour guide Dave

Stumbled onto Stanley Cup Champions hockey practice?!

Aquatic Center == sweet

View from our site across the river

Another view from our site across the river

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Test run failure

This is why we run tests....Catastrophic failure, soon to be rectified with minor changes -- but check out the video and pics!


Balloons continued....

Well, the big day is tomorrow, and classic me -- i haven't even ran a test run yet. So this is my rough draft form here, hoping it works when i pop the crap out of them later tonight :). Then based on those results I have to make a completely new one and hang before tomorrows presentation at 1. Go me, big time.

Hanging here in public (4th floor landing) space in the College of Design

The custom-made styrofoam 'drumsticks' I made, in pre-sand stage covered in spackle so they're nice and silky smooth -- yay


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project so far


more on my balloon project....

What should be done by now continues to be postponed by the professor, so im working a bit slower than i normally would...

'Mallet construction process' :

Styrofoam plys being glued together

Rough shape cut out

Sanded smooth, still some kinks to be worked out though - 

These are 'mallets' that i will be playing my balloon collection with-- light styrofoam that will somehow be coated in a rubber covering to give it a 'balloon material' look. Blunt on one end to hit the balloons with, and will have a pointy sharp end with maybe a nail or a screw or needle on the tip so i can pop the balloons at the precise moment and time during the performance, and on the first strike. Styrofoam makes them light so when i play the balloons they won't wander too much, but it will still make a nice sound. Round to not take away or distract much from the themed shapes of the object. I'm thinking i will make them black to become less noticeable and distracting as well...


Business Classes ---

- Click image to enlarge -

Well, a look at my Business Marketing class -- discussing 'Method' cleaning brand today --- pretty boring stuff sitting in a lecture hall for an hour and a half with 200 other students just staring at a white board listenin to some guy talk, but it is honestly very, very informative ----