Monday, February 20, 2012

Sustainable Furniture

There was an exhibition in our college of some student-designed/fabricated sustainable furniture. This project was specifically looking at paper tubing, neat stuff!


Discin with Kwon

Had a great time discin with Kwon the other day -- still a little bit of snow on the ground, but the weather was too good to pass up -- he is getting a lot better, we actually ended up tying!

Studio update

I have just been getting into our new studio project lately, I am so ready to get this thing going!

Spent a few days doing site research for our Habitat for Humanity house design, a 1,070 sqft house that needs to be located on a 'humble' lot in Ames, Iowa. This design is for a national competition, and I can't wait to win that $1,000.

Just some images of some diagrams I made of two final sites we were studying...

This is the site we eventually settled on. Looking forward to moving forward to design this home!



Wall, Ryan finally got his wish to have a little puppy -- welcome little Bailey to the Sharp family! Cutest thing ever, Uncle Cory is so proud!

Crazy dog likes to sleep in all sorts of weird positions...


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've been working in the wood shop lately on my project that is due March 1st. Trying to get this thing done before I go to Chicago next week!!

My work station

Measuring things up getting ready to cut them

Clamping em down and chipping them away

Hand tools, apparently my new best, aggravating friend

A couple joinery drawings


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Just some renderings I put together in RevIt of my wood design, check em out!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Francisco pt 4

Boce, the beach, and Wright!

Amy took me to the beach one day, we ran around like little kids, it was great. Had a lot of fun playing her new favorite game, Boce ball - what a great and relaxing game. Her friend heather also came and joined us, we had met the last time during Uncle John's wedding, so it was nice seeing her again.

 Also, got to see Frank Lloyd Wright's last project, the Marin County Civic Center -- what a neat building. At a time when most architects wanted to flatten the earth and build tall rectangular buildings, Frank wanted to build within the landscape, what a pioneer!

These pictures courtesy of Heather --- 

She tried the whole time to steal my beloved hat...

Amy's sandface drawing -- way better than mine (not shown). I proceeded to throw sand at this uncontrollably calling it 'abstraction' 

What I deemed Amy's 'hippie kite'

Us being goofs -- I didn't really feel in the mood to take lovely family pictures, thought it wouldn't describe the moment well...


This article I found on Wrights Civic Center Design -- hilarious "Well, there's the atom bomb..."  I want to be able to say this kinda crap and get away with it someday haha

 The library inside this building was pretty interesting - so I sorta sketched it diagrammatically?!

Exterior perspective!!


San Francisco pt 3

A day later, I got the chance to see one of my favorite architect's work in the Jewish Museum in downtown San Fran. What a really neat form, I love what this guy can do with simple shapes!


San Francisco pt 2

Once finished at the Academia of Sciences, my cousin Amy was able to meet up with me! It was really great seeing her again - always a good time. Our next scheduled school stop was to see the DeYoung museum, which was just across the plaza - and an exhibit inside was one Amy wanted to take me on, how lucky was I that it happened by such coincidence!

The exhibit was of early Venetian art, which was really interesting to have some sort of knowledge on the subject and many, many experiences in Italy. It was really great getting a different artist's perspective on art too, Amy noticed/s a lot of things I don't and vice versa. Really great time at the museum!!

Cham talking to the class

AMY ^^

View from the observation tower

View back towards the Academia of Sciences building -- check out that sweet roof!

Pictures of Amy and I - eat your heart out

San Francisco! pt1

Recently, my Carbon-neutral design studio took a trip to San Francisco to check out some sustainable buildings and see the city a little bit. Getting to back to this great city was great, and I even got to spend a good amount of time with my great cousin Amy! I already can't wait to go back there, that city is amazing!

The first building we went and checked out was the Academia of Sciences building (designed by architect Renzo Piano), which is the largest LEED Platinum building in the world. It houses a large aquarium, rain forest, and a number of other animal exhibits, as well as numerous educational features that teach people about sustainability and green building.

These large windows in the roof automatically open and close depending on the air flow/humidity/passive qualities inside the building, keeping it at a consistent level at all times. Neat!!

One really sweet building inside, but if I had to give my critique I would only say that for all of these really interesting things going on inside, I would never have guessed it from the looks of the building from outside....things to think about...