Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love(d) Roma

Last night in this amazing city. I am sure going to miss it...

My last day was full of nostalgia, took a nice walk around the city in the warm sun with my favorite things. Cappuccino, gelato, wine, and walking around this city of fantasy.

Comin home tomorrow, can't wait to see all of my family and friends again. This trip has been the greatest experience of my life and I will never forget it, thank you to everyone who made this possible for me, I love you all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Music School Design

So for the past few weeks our studio class has been busy designing our 'music schools'

If you can remember back, I talked about the Site Selection project, which was the project before this where teams of students tried to select a site for this music school to be placed -- my team didn't win unfortunately, but the winning team's site is pretty nice.

I apologize that I haven't put up any photos of my sketches to this point so you probably have no idea what my design is about -- but here are some images i made in a computer 3D drafting program (Revit) to show you what it looks like at this point.

If you look closely, in the top right corner where the 4 circles are, that is where our site is.

This is a really terrible image of my building on the site -- mine's the wierd lookin one

Our final review for this project is Tuesday, so I gotta get crackin on finishing this bad boy up!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drawing Project Final

For complete photos of the entire class review of our Drawing Class check out this website:

ISU Oscars

Last night all of us students presented our neighborhood films for our film class (10 films in total) --- my group's film was over Corviale -- which I posted some time ago. After these were all presented a juror of professors and students nominated and awarded teams with ISU Oscars. Corviale took home TWO! One for Best Directing, and another for Best Representation. We also received Honorable Mention for Best Soundtrack. Go us.

for more info on this, check out the program website! ---

for a refresher on our video, it is below ---


Monday, April 18, 2011

Italian Dinner

More photos from our dinner with our Italian friends from Roma 3 at our apartment

"Ciao," ...."Buonasera"

The boys lovin it

Sneakin in photos

Doing a bit of performing....of course


Nice Sunday

We had a nice long 4 day weekend and I chose to do my better part of it taking a chance to relax. It was fantastic -- only downside of it was the construction that is going on right outside our building on our balconies -- suuuper noisy at 8am! ----Photos courtesy of David Brockshus----

Me and mike hanging out on our balcony having ourselves a good read!




Also, on this glorious weekend we had some of our Italian friends over from Roma 3 and they cooked us some amazing Spaghetti Carbonara! #greattimes


Drawing Project Final

Last week we had our review for our final drawing project. For mine, I made an accordion book of a bunch of sketches ive done in the past weeks and put them on the front and back of each 'page.' You can view my project intimately as a book, but it can also be folded out as somewhat of an exhibition piece, making the viewer casually walk around the book to see each piece.

 I focused on public spaces, like piazzas, because they are so frequent here, as well as successfully designed 'human' spaces where people can gather and socialize. I thought, with the continued use of computers that we as Americans are socializing physically less and it is becoming a more of an indirect socializing culture as time goes on. So I made it a point to focus and try to learn from these spaces to better understand what it takes for a public space to be successful, and how to design to bring people together in public areas to socialize.

my book!

In review...She's saying "Cory, the drawings are nice, but try to work more on the difference, understanding, and representation of depth..." #somethingineedtoworkon

Other projects from the students in my class

David Brockshus

Sam Mulholland -- faces with big noses

Paul Gehrke -- Shading with spent cigarettes

Mitch -- watercolor

Andrew Holcombe -- Cobblestone investigation


As you can see, the review was a big success!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beach Day

This post is about two weeks overdue, my apologies -=- too all my readers out there I just wanted to make you jealous by showing you some pictures of a day me and my arch friends spent on a gorgeous Italian beach in Sperlonga. Loved this day --


Friday, April 15, 2011

Roma 3/ISU design charrette

Just some images from the design charrette ISU had with a local architecture school here in Rome called 'Roma 3' -- Unfortunately during this charrette I was not in attendance because of my travels to Berlin

for more information on the projects that were made visit this website:


More from Berlin

Some more photos from our trip to Berlin!

Afternoon drinks 

Large German Church

Night clubbin!

Inside our hostel room 

The crew

Some strange festival for no reason on a nice Sunday afternoon