Thursday, October 24, 2013


I haven't ever done this before, so naturally I am struggling - again. However, we are making progress.

I'm definitely NOT a plumber

Since I am an idiot - I totally messed up my toilet soil pipe system when I thought I had to raise it up to get the drain to sit on top of my new tile in my bathroom. Well, rookie mistake. I totally screwed up the existing drain system, and had to cut it out and completely replace it. However, I'd say the patch job was pretty good considering I really had no idea what I was doing. 

Mad props to Phil who was able to explain this whole process over the phone to me, again, I could not have done it without him. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Drumset, Engage

If your imagination can remove all the clutter in the room, this drumset really makes the room sparkle. It is loud as hell in this room, just how I like it. 

Concrete Top



This is the first of two concrete tops that will be installed, they look incredible - I could not be more happy with them!


Shout out to my brother Josh for creating this gnar door knocker! Now I just need to get this door painted...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Now I'm Just Teasing

A lot of things have been happening lately on my home, most importantly I would say, is me finally moving in. Now, I should preface that with 'I live there now, but by no means is my project complete.'

There are many things still to be done - and I am wayyy behind schedule on just about everything. Having said that, things are still moving on rapidly. Unfortunately for all of you followers, I don't want to give too much away anymore - I will just be giving up small updates from here on out. If you want to see the finished product, you will have to in person - hah!

Here's a couple updates of what has taken place recently.

Countertops in the kitchen have been installed!

Carpet cleaning and vent cleaning has been done, the dust smell really went away after this got completed. 

I got a big boy fridge!

I may have hung at least one picture. 

I missed kwon...

Abby put in a bunch of hard work on the front entry walk - check out those granite pavers!

We tried to mimic the design of Abby's sign in the paving pattern, staggering it a bit - nice, contemporary, SHARP. 

Pops and I started siding the garage! It was a bit more work than we were expecting, and unfortunately could not get it all accomplished in one weekend. But, getting very close to finishing this project!

My pops is a stud. 

Laying the base for Abby's sign, running electrical conduit to it, and adding an anchoring system for it so all you thieves can't steal it so easy :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 6 update

Whew how time flies!

Apologies to my passionate followers -- Cory has been busy working on his home and not writing his blog!

Last week was full of ups and downs - but mostly ups. We started laying the tile in the kitchen, but disaster happened when the tile wasn't sticking correctly, ugh! The mortar bed we had laid was just the wrong type for my big 'ol tile (12"x24"). We had almost the whole kitchen laid, then had to make the fortunate/unfortunate decision to rip it all up and lay it all down again.

On a similar note, the wood floor refinish had a very mirrored story. I had the entire floor sanded down to bare wood, stained, then polished but when it was all finished I had strange dry spots everywhere, and the stain didn't seem to be consistent. Long story short, I had to have my wood floor guy repeat that process all over again a few days later. Though I was planning on moving October 1st, it got pushed back until October 5th because of these unfortunate mishaps.

On a brighter note, Everything now looks great! I couldn't be happier. Photos of the finished wood floor coming soon.

Last weekend was what I will commonly refer to as "The weekend Phil happened."

Abby's stepdad, Phil, came allllll the way down from Hudson, Wisconsin to help me work on my house project, and man -- is that guy ever talented. We tore through the small list of things I thought I could get accomplished and then did a bunch more. Phil is crazy talented in just about every way possible, and it was amazing to watch him work. From plumbing, to electrical, trim, concrete -- he can do it all. And, did. Thank you so much Phil for helping me out, I'm not sure how all of this work would have ever gotten done without you.

We got all the cabinets set in the kitchen! (This comes with a surprise, however -- the cabinets I thought I was getting looking almost nothing like these, except the color - we are still trying to iron out those details to see if I can get the cabinet doors I really wanted).

Saturday Morning, 6 am -- The granite from 801 Grand arrives on site. And, since I have awesome friends, they woke up early to help me unload 4 pallets full of them. Shoutouts to my brother Ryan, John Wells, John Volz, Brandon Volz -- and last, but first in my book, my little booger Abby for orchestrating this whole thing and getting me all this gorgeous material!

Getting prepared to make concrete countertops!
These countertops won't be my entire kitchen tops, but rather accent pieces on my raised bar, as well as my small dry bar in my dining room. I can't wait for these to finish casting so I can put them in place!

Mixture materials

Mixture -- we put a little bit of dark stain in the mix to dry and give the concrete a darker gray look -- Duh, Gray. 

Raised bar all casted in place

Phil troweling the top that will go over my dry bar. So excited!

Pops and I got the side window in the Garage in place!

Oh, with all this work going on, I still had a show that weekend too. And, it was amazing. 

Starting to lay the tile out in the kitchen (again)

Shoutout to my new neighbor Brad who came by and taught me how to lay tile -- his help was greatly appreciated. I really love my new neighbors!

Just about done -- yes, it needs to be cleaned. 

Paint in the sunroom has started (now that most everything is cleaned out of there)

Dry Bar Cabinets in the dining room have been installed - now just impatiently waiting on the concrete counter to sit atop them

Abby painting the back stairwell to the basement on homemade scaffolding

Both garage doors have been installed and both function automatically (and flawlessly, might I add)

We are still however, making big messes

Big bro spent some time getting muddy in the front yard removing the old bushes that used to sit here -- making way for Abby's sweet sign and the new landscaping that will bring you to the entry door!