Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am totally behind on this thing!

What has happened in my life lately:

Over the weekend ISU beat the University of Texas Longhorns for the first time EVER! epic game for sure, i really love coach paul rhoads!!

We went shopping for our Halloween costumes tonight, paul is getting into his character in being 'Tyrone Biggums' from Dave Chappelle's show (he's a crack addict).

We went to a new restaurant in Ames tonight called Al Patron in Campustown tonight for my bday. Her i am enjoying an ice cold Dos Equis. Notice my hat, its part of my costume for Trom from Dave Chappelle's show also, but after I finished putting the rest of my costume on, I realized I look like K-Fed..thats no good.

Tomorrow is my bday and it is shaping up to be a good one, though I'm not too excited to grow older...

Monday, October 25, 2010


This weekend, in short, was FANTASTIC!

To start: We had a show at a Toyota dealership, of all places --- the show was about as awkward as it sounds... heres a pic of my band packing down after the show..

The fam came out to the show, it was great seeing mom, pops, g-ma, and my big brother! Missed that lil guy, its great to have him back!

Went home that night and woke up early the next day to run the Race for the Cure 5k. Needless to say, I kicked ass, and i helped out some boobies. go me.

Went out on the town later that night, made some new friends, great times. Now spending my sunday night, where? ---yeap, you guessed it---the studio

Friday, October 22, 2010


4:38 AM....preparing for 4 1/2 hours of sleep before class begins again at 10.
Been working in the studio all night on some more detailed floor plans, those to be finished in the time between classes, until then, I present to you an updated 3d model of my building. Take a look!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's (or todays, depending on how you look at it) show at Wilson Toyota? --yeap thats right, I said it---our first car dealership show! That should be interesting....Also, my bro is back in town and I can't wait to see him! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Steve(n) Hardy in our studio giving critiques --- gotta say, dude was pretty smart


Picture of my presentation plan for my entry level, sorry its hard to read. We shall see how my review goes today with guest criticizer Steven Hardy...

I will be going to his lecture tonight about his practice in 'parametric paradigm' in our College of Design....should be interesting. With his type of architecture I hope he can give me a good critique on my building, since it kind of falls in the realm of his understanding(s)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Workin in the studio again tonight...will probably be up late again. Workin on developing some floor plans..check out some of my 'Frankenstein' sketches....

Monday, October 18, 2010


Some pics from my show at Headliners this weekend, we had a themed sleeveless/headband/armband attire goin on, so check out my new threads!

If you haven't seen Kwon in awhile, here he is haha


My apologies for not updating this lately, nothing too exciting has been going on lately, just me hangin out working in the studio---worked on some elevation ideas last night, heres some sketches!

trying to work with the rotational symmetry found in my cube project, so the rotation begins at each corner of the frame, and forms are created from these lines and intersections...

Friday, October 15, 2010


6am in the morning....thinking about goin home for a bit of sleep, still have some work to do before class to do that starts at 1pm, not sure how long it will take me.

The presentation in Pella today went really well, and the Historical Board really liked my ideas. They said the enthusiasm i gave during my presentation was contagious. I think we all put a lot of hard work into those proposals, and it really showed, as the Board members applauded us on our efforts and mentioned that they learned a lot from all of our research. Go ISU!

After the meeting in Pella, we got back in Ames about 10:30 or so, then back to the studio I went!

Check out the models I made tonight! I'm really happy how these turned out, sorry its hard to tell what they are exactly trying to portray, but I'm trying to show how each of the exhibition spaces in my building will work  as you travel up/down the building, so maybe in some of these you can see a pattern of ramps or movement in shape and form that move up and around the building....if not, come and see me and ill show you!

First model:

Wasn't sure where to start, so I just started 'creating'
If you look closely, I tried to define a circulation path using wood pieces that get surrounded and inclosed by other materials.

Second Model:

Tried to present a 3d diagram, if you will, of how spaces could be arranged vertically around a core, I'm not especially a fan of this scheme, but it does help to at least try it and see what it looks like and how its pros and cons get accepted/rejected.....just a process I suppose, but I still really like the way I made the model, I had fun with this one!

Third model:

This is probably the closest I've come to an actual building with form so far...There is a sort of spiraling circulation on the interior, with some generic exterior wall planes, and a bit of interior structure...soon enough I will be saying 'It is alive!!' as my building runs down the street shooting little kids with yellow paintball pellets laughing at the world saying he is the coolest thing since Justin Beiber (I'm not sure that joke made any sense....im tired....give me a break)

Another review for this in class today...maybe my professor wont get upset with me today---guess we'll find out soon enough!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Went to the grocery store for a break from studio at 2am last night, decided to go with the roommates, needless to say----an amusing time

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Found out today my professor doesn't like scribbles as much as I do -- I'll have to take a mental note on that one for next time. On a similar note, the whole class gets to re-do the 3d modeling assignment we had a few days ago, so you could say I'm really 'excited' to try that all over again...Oh well, just another step towards success i suppose!

Tomorrow I travel to Pella, Iowa to present my ADA solutions for the Scholte House (one of their historical landmarks) to their Board of Directors. I think it will go great, I'm pretty confident in my ideas and what I have to present, just have to refine and make more concise what I'm talking about in my power point tonight. Should be another classic night of 'workin overtime' in the studio...


A few more drawings from last night -- I still have to start refining these and start making the idea make form, but still trekking on...


This kinda stuff helps me think...

Sorry about the picture quality, but if you look close you can see some street facades, and the 2-yr old looking scribbles are my abstract space planning ideas loosely thrown together...I will refine this a bit more, but i love the sloppiness/sketchiness of this drawing, shows emotion and concept i think

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Design college at night

Workin on an abstract axo-metric drawing tonight, will probably get crazy


Amo la mia famiglia


Review from class yesterday went really well, and even though my process was a little bit different in terms of what I was trying to get accomplished, my professor understood what I was talking about - though he challenged me to make it actually work.......I then, cordially accepted

These are my three models that I put together - Instead of setting up little symmetrical volumes that express a 3d bubble diagram, i focused on how my museum's sequence of spaces work work together to create an interesting experience in movement, sequence, and circulation. This idea started with my cube project that we had about a month ago--and has transitioned to a full scale building idea



These are images of other students projects in the class upon review

Monday, October 11, 2010



I've started this new trend of seeing how many people (or in this case, my fellow students) do things, and kinda taking a different or 'radical' approach to the assignment at hand. Though not everyone always agrees with me, it always seems to cause a stir, and I believe these types of conversations need to happen in order to achieve a better understanding of the project....

Creating design blindly, whimsically, and with thorough emotion and cause...at least this is what my delirious head is saying to myself at 5:30 in the morning. Thinking about calling my early-rising grandma soon...

The start of something wonderful....

The lady model of my dreams has now been created, check out the site pics!

If you're wondering what all this means, ask me when i've had a bit more sleep!


Still in studio ----

Don't know what I'm about to do with these little square things, but I do know one thing.....there will be noise