Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project so far


more on my balloon project....

What should be done by now continues to be postponed by the professor, so im working a bit slower than i normally would...

'Mallet construction process' :

Styrofoam plys being glued together

Rough shape cut out

Sanded smooth, still some kinks to be worked out though - 

These are 'mallets' that i will be playing my balloon collection with-- light styrofoam that will somehow be coated in a rubber covering to give it a 'balloon material' look. Blunt on one end to hit the balloons with, and will have a pointy sharp end with maybe a nail or a screw or needle on the tip so i can pop the balloons at the precise moment and time during the performance, and on the first strike. Styrofoam makes them light so when i play the balloons they won't wander too much, but it will still make a nice sound. Round to not take away or distract much from the themed shapes of the object. I'm thinking i will make them black to become less noticeable and distracting as well...


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