Monday, November 8, 2010


Just got back from an amazing trip to LAS VEGAS!! Bro, Pops, and I went to the SEMA car show went and had an amazing time, check out the pics ---- Josh, be jealous!

Car show grounds --view from stepping off the monorail

Enjoying a nice big lunch on the strip

Allison Fisher (World Champion pool player) showing off some trick shots off people's faces on a sweet Mustang pool table

Hard to tell-- tires are melted and smoking after tearing up some truck racing/drifting 

My favorite car of the show -- Jeep Nuziker 715 truck, just sitting in this thing would make you a man...

Drumstick car --thought it was a bit cheesy, but thought id take a pic of it

Ken Blocks Beefed up Ford Fiesta --dude straight tears in this thing-- I know, I saw

Got an autograph from famous car designer Chip Foose!

Kickin it outside the Bellagio

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