Monday, April 11, 2011


I just recently returned from (in my opinion) the most amazing city ever. Amazing architecture was everywhere, people were nice, the weather was great, food was tasty and very sizeable. The beer and sausages were as advertised -- delicious. I put sauerkraut on everything. The city was clean, full of public spaces everywhere for people to just chill. You got the sense of it being somewhat touristy, but you didn't really see it -- everyone just seemed like they were there to hang out and enjoy it all. I fit as much activity into those 3 days as i possibly could. One of the greatest trips I have ever been on and I recommend everyone to visit this place some time.

German language is interesting -- I tended to impersonate it as continually hacking up a lung
Luckily, everyone spoke really good English :)

The boys - Paul, Zak, and Kwon

Sweet train station!

shootin photos inside the train station

Inside the SONY Center -- basically just commercial office space in a circular plan with a large courtyard in the middle covered with this magnificent thing

Our first buffet since being in Europe -- it was interesting to say the least

Mowing down our buffet

First German beer (in Germany)

Neat theater - recalling memories of Eero Saarinen's church design in Columbus, Indiana

I have no idea why this plane was on top of this building....

Finally got me some Mt. Dew --- ohh and it was gooooooood

This whole area was designed by Renzo Piano!

Hmmm --- wonder who designed this? --- Mies Van Der Rohe

Library ---- it was a bit odd, but I liked the light quality in it 

Another interesting theater -- check out that color!

Lots of modern/contemporary architecture everywhere -- my mind almost exploded

Check this


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