Friday, March 30, 2012

Habitat For Humanity

Wow - haven't updated this in awhile! Well, school is coming along, studio is starting to take shape. My partner Britt and I are designing a sustainable home for Habitat for Humanity, for a national design competition. Thought I had posted pics from some of our review stuff, we have critiques almost every week so i have a few presentation boards, I'll show you all the updated ones soon. All I have for you now Is some perspective shots that I made tonight.

Our design concept for our house came from the idea of flexible and economic spaces, using the home constantly in a 24 hour period, not leaving any space 'dead'. The design guidelines for the competition ask for a house that is 1,070 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bath. Our home, with our flexible economic space strategy is only 648 square feet. The thought is that during the night you can pull your beds and bedrooms out to sleep in, in the morning the beds and bedrooms slide out of the way and that floor space that was the bedrooms now becomes the living and dining areas. In my head it works, and it adds up to that 1,070 square feet, even though it isn't. I believe that if you can use a 300 square foot space in two different functions, that makes it like a 600 square foot space. This is how our home came to be so small.

Soon enough I will post some floor plans to show how this idea works on the interior, but right now you just get exterior views, sorry suckers. To give you some sort of proportion, the home is 18' x 36'

Working with a flexible facade system that can slide and flip up and transform spaces outside of the home. Check er out. Still not all finalized, but the ideas are there.


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