Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 4 update

We're really starting to come down the back stretch here at my house - getting everything all prepped for final finishes, and I couldn't be more excited!

Abby designed and made me this awesome sign for my front planter - it will have a light inside of it and the numbers will glow at night - I am so excited about this.

 My girlfriend > Everyone else's girlfriends

Roofing the garage - that's my butt. 

All finished!

Weather barrier all stapled on - now ready for siding

I had this old shower stall in my basement that I elected to chop up into smaller pieces rather than carry up my cramped stairwell as one heavy piece.

I needed to get the old shower stall out of the way to make room for this floor jack. The kitchen above this space had a really big bow in it, so I needed to jack it up to make everything flush before the tile underlayment or floor went in.


I sandwiched each side of this existing beam after everything was level just for extra support - I still need to add the through bolts to this, however. 

Check out Abby's cool sign all lit up - Just a mock up for now until we get power to the front planter.

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