Monday, October 14, 2013

Now I'm Just Teasing

A lot of things have been happening lately on my home, most importantly I would say, is me finally moving in. Now, I should preface that with 'I live there now, but by no means is my project complete.'

There are many things still to be done - and I am wayyy behind schedule on just about everything. Having said that, things are still moving on rapidly. Unfortunately for all of you followers, I don't want to give too much away anymore - I will just be giving up small updates from here on out. If you want to see the finished product, you will have to in person - hah!

Here's a couple updates of what has taken place recently.

Countertops in the kitchen have been installed!

Carpet cleaning and vent cleaning has been done, the dust smell really went away after this got completed. 

I got a big boy fridge!

I may have hung at least one picture. 

I missed kwon...

Abby put in a bunch of hard work on the front entry walk - check out those granite pavers!

We tried to mimic the design of Abby's sign in the paving pattern, staggering it a bit - nice, contemporary, SHARP. 

Pops and I started siding the garage! It was a bit more work than we were expecting, and unfortunately could not get it all accomplished in one weekend. But, getting very close to finishing this project!

My pops is a stud. 

Laying the base for Abby's sign, running electrical conduit to it, and adding an anchoring system for it so all you thieves can't steal it so easy :)

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  1. Looking great!
    Cant wait to come check it out again!