Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Francisco pt 4

Boce, the beach, and Wright!

Amy took me to the beach one day, we ran around like little kids, it was great. Had a lot of fun playing her new favorite game, Boce ball - what a great and relaxing game. Her friend heather also came and joined us, we had met the last time during Uncle John's wedding, so it was nice seeing her again.

 Also, got to see Frank Lloyd Wright's last project, the Marin County Civic Center -- what a neat building. At a time when most architects wanted to flatten the earth and build tall rectangular buildings, Frank wanted to build within the landscape, what a pioneer!

These pictures courtesy of Heather --- 

She tried the whole time to steal my beloved hat...

Amy's sandface drawing -- way better than mine (not shown). I proceeded to throw sand at this uncontrollably calling it 'abstraction' 

What I deemed Amy's 'hippie kite'

Us being goofs -- I didn't really feel in the mood to take lovely family pictures, thought it wouldn't describe the moment well...


This article I found on Wrights Civic Center Design -- hilarious "Well, there's the atom bomb..."  I want to be able to say this kinda crap and get away with it someday haha

 The library inside this building was pretty interesting - so I sorta sketched it diagrammatically?!

Exterior perspective!!


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