Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Francisco! pt1

Recently, my Carbon-neutral design studio took a trip to San Francisco to check out some sustainable buildings and see the city a little bit. Getting to back to this great city was great, and I even got to spend a good amount of time with my great cousin Amy! I already can't wait to go back there, that city is amazing!

The first building we went and checked out was the Academia of Sciences building (designed by architect Renzo Piano), which is the largest LEED Platinum building in the world. It houses a large aquarium, rain forest, and a number of other animal exhibits, as well as numerous educational features that teach people about sustainability and green building.

These large windows in the roof automatically open and close depending on the air flow/humidity/passive qualities inside the building, keeping it at a consistent level at all times. Neat!!

One really sweet building inside, but if I had to give my critique I would only say that for all of these really interesting things going on inside, I would never have guessed it from the looks of the building from outside....things to think about...

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