Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Francisco pt 2

Once finished at the Academia of Sciences, my cousin Amy was able to meet up with me! It was really great seeing her again - always a good time. Our next scheduled school stop was to see the DeYoung museum, which was just across the plaza - and an exhibit inside was one Amy wanted to take me on, how lucky was I that it happened by such coincidence!

The exhibit was of early Venetian art, which was really interesting to have some sort of knowledge on the subject and many, many experiences in Italy. It was really great getting a different artist's perspective on art too, Amy noticed/s a lot of things I don't and vice versa. Really great time at the museum!!

Cham talking to the class

AMY ^^

View from the observation tower

View back towards the Academia of Sciences building -- check out that sweet roof!

Pictures of Amy and I - eat your heart out

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