Friday, August 23, 2013

Week One Reno Updates!

Here is some of the 1st week renovation updates. Work has been really moving along at the house and I am really liking everything that I have selected in terms of colors and designs.

Abby and my mom have been rolling right through the paint job and it is really starting to rationalize all of the spaces in the home. I thought I would go with shades of gray for all of the walls with light gray ceilings and white trim - I really wanted the walls to fade away so once I move in all of my colorful art that will get placed on the walls, as well as some pieces of furniture will really give the rooms splashes of color.

My pops came in the other night and started to work on my Picture Frame trim job in the Master Bedroom. He was able to knock out one wall and it looks great - I'm really excited to see what it looks like with paint on it. 

Work has also started on my Hall Bath. I was able to get the underlayment for the ceramic tile installed as well as my vanity top. Props for my first sink install!

I was also able to get to demolishing the damaged floor in the Sunroom and then laid back some fresh subfloor. I had a little struggle with shimming it up so it was as close to level as I could - but now that it's all screwed down it looks great. That floor is totally ready for my band to set up in and straight melt face. 

And last but definitely not least - the Garage. Boom, so excited about this - walls are starting to go up! Ron and I went crazy with the nail gun yesterday as we tried to conquer the puzzle that is that crazy sloped, crooked, unlevel-in-every-direction floor slab. Whew, it was a pain but we are getting through it. 

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