Monday, February 7, 2011

Baiae and Paestum!

More pics from my magnifico field trip to Southern Italy!

tree growing upside down through stone? WHAH?

Dome thermal bath

classmates chillin on the oculus

More thermal baths

View of the cost in Baiae

mama told me I needed to be in more pics -- eat your heart out :)

Action shot

gelato is always a good decision

Google Earth car spotting!

Mediterranean Sea in Paestum

leaving my mark 

Beach limbo

sweet landscape


Sketch! -- I really like this 5 minute scribble, maybe I'll frame it


lovely sky

Zak really enjoying himself

Sketch 2 -- this scribble is also not too shabby i suppose?

Small Amphitheater space


When volcano ash came down over the city of Pompeii 79 AD, people were buried by it and a void was left over once the body decomposed -- plaster was then poured into these voids to create these body casts -- its really neat to see the positions of these people in their last moments of life, you can really see the emotion of what was happening to them 

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