Thursday, February 24, 2011


Got up early this morning, made a FRESH POT of cappuccino, my new and current addiction, and immediately left for studio to finish a paper (last minute procrastinating, of course).

Entered the studio -- darkness was the mood, no sound or light from any direction -- i slowly crept toward the first lightswitch I could find, shuffling my feet lightly as to stay balanced. My hand reached toward the wall as I located the switch. I pressed directly into the upward direction, the lights above my head began to flicker slightly....then.....nothing but darkness again.

A second or two passed by, as my thoughts began to spin thinking about what was happening. All of the sudden lights appear. not bright lights, but not dark either, and at each door opening.

 Took me a second to realize it, the emergency lights had just turned on, what had just taken place? I tried the swtich again, nothing. I immediately walked to the next doorway and tried another, still nothing. What had I done?

---- turns out, we all lost power, for about 3 hours. go me. Now to write that paper -- -- ----

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