Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well -- just got back from a long field trip to Southern Italy, it was a pretty amazing trip -- I'll try and keep everything short and if u have any questions I'll get to em..

First took a bus trip to Baiae to see ruins, then to Paestum where we stayed over for our first night, ate a glorious 4 course meal with lots of wine all complementary. Second day we visited ruins and temples in Paestum, hop back on the bus and head to Pompeii to see more ruins. Hopped back on the bus to head to Napoli where we stayed our second night. Got up early and took a ferry to Capri -- most gorgeous island I've ever seen. Climbed the mountain and stood at the edge of many crazy cliffs, loved it. Back to Napoli for another night stay after that.

GREAT TRIP -- more pics to follow

Pompeii ruins


Inside the arena

Mt. Vesuvius


Inside a villa at Pompeii site

Interior of the arena

Had to climb up here (against the rules -- shhh don't tell anybody) to get this pic

Ampitheater -- my voice was sooo loud in here

Outside our hotel room in Napoli 

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