Sunday, February 6, 2011


pics from our amazing climb in Capri -- this place is sooo beautiful!

getting on the ferry

pulling away from Napoli towards Capri

Napoli from afar

Looking forward to Capri!


Started out on this off-beaten path, which eventually turned into nothing, which lead us to climb up grass and rocks on a nearly vertical face

Half way up!

more of the climbing crew

was suuuuper hot and sweaty by the time I reached the top -- so in celebration, i ran around topless for awhile.......totally normal

relaxing on the edge

Sam snapping a photo of himself

the updraft off the cliff made my hair all funny

more hiking -- there were like 4 or 5 peaks to this island, and I wanted to see them all!

more climbing

hangin out on another cliff -- I'm sure my mom is just 'loving this' -- no worries mama, I'm still livin!


picture taking

found an old gazebo with a bunch of names written on the inside, decided to add our marks as well

Check it

Ferry ride back to Napoli -- lovely Italian sunset

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