Tuesday, March 15, 2011

North Italy trip pt 5


Venice, our last stop of the trip --  It was an interesting city, its awful hard to describe too... All of us students seemed to have different feelings about it, I'll try and share mine. The city is alive. Noise and activity fill the air, people fill the small crowded streets. No cars, just boats. You cross a canal every now and then, if you can figure your way through tiny, tight, windy paths followed by large open piazzas -- (with grass hardly anywhere). It seemed too claustrophobic to me, if i had to choose a word to describe it. I was lost almost the entire time -- no sense of direction, and stress continued to mount as the paths and streets were packed full of tourists. The water - polluted and discolored, the air - a bit of haze from the exhaust from the boats.

Places to take pictures were plentiful, the idea of the city is wonderful and amazing. The little shops and restaurants were fantastic, the street vendors sold very interesting things, and the art was top notch. All in all, i guess you could say I really liked it, and i really didnt like it at the same time. Here are some of my pics!

Church by the bay

The bay

Canal with buildings on either sides covered in billboards?

Check it

Huge lake back here, but we werent allowed to see it...

Small canal 


tight spaces


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