Monday, March 14, 2011

Return from North Italy Field trip

I just came back to Rome from a school field trip to Northern Italy. What a fantastic country! Everything I see here is amazing. we went to Maser,Verona, Vincenza, and Venice!

Visited the Villa Barbora in Maser, as well as Carlo Scarpa's contemporary cemetery design there too --- neat stuff!

Villa Barbora--

Carlo Scarpa Cemetery

This place was very interesting -- the design was sort of split into two pieces. one contained graves and markings, sort of how we would normally view the deceased. Another for a place for 'reflection' as I understood it; places where one could wander through interesting shapes and textures, sense spatial changes and material changes, light quality, and hopefully find a peaceful space to reflect back on the life of a deceased loved one. I took most of my photos of the latter--


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