Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Parents visit!

My parents got in a few days ago -- I'm sooo happy they're here! Ive just been hustling them around all over the city, trying to show them everything I can! They seem to really enjoy the city, and having a chance to hang out with me. We're all having a great time being in Rome!

waiting at the airport!

on top of Manuelle monument - Colosseum in the background

little rainy that day...

Trevi Fountain

Piazza di Popolo

Arch of Titus

Basillica Nuova

Overlooking the Forum

Palletine Hill


Arch of Constantine


Basillica S. Paolo -- if you look closely you can see Pops --he's really little!

Rome at night

Tiber River Island

Lunch in Ostia on the beach!

Castel S. Angelo

Ara Pacis with Pops

she's a little tuckered out, can't imagine why?!?!


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