Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mid review

Some images of our model before our mid-review. If you look closely you can see all of the different layers we tried to introduce to the floors, moving and channeling people through/in/out of spaces. We wanted a person inside our building to recognize how people move around inside our building and create interesting routes to different spaces

Our 'experimental' hall was something we really wanted to take advantage of in its texture. Because of its' very vague definition of the performances that would be going on inside of it, we wanted to make the form as visually interesting and creative as the sounds that would be happening inside of it. To this end, we decided to play with the square form and panel it, while layering it and slightly rotating it, much like the theme of the rest of our building, but adding voids between the panels allows light that would be contained inside the space to shine out from its envelope, allowing people outside of the hall know that something is taking place inside this performance space, and this can even be seen from outside the building, and across the river - creating a new bright light to an empty skyline on this South side of the river.

At this point, we had most of our model built, but we still didn't have any sort of site model built for our building to sit on/in. In my haziness around 3 or 4am, I came up with an idea to take an extra large sheet of styrofoam we had lying around and hand carve out the space for our building to sit. It was a messy ordeal, but i suppose it worked. We ended up being the only group with a real 'site' built  - though it wasn't the prettiest, you could tell what our building was doing with its surroundings

We used some clay on top of this carved styrofoam to place easier our plan for our 'urban landscape' design, which i pictured almost as a playground of slanting/moving/rotating slabs of metal, wood, and concrete - though the materials aren't displayed here, only the forms

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