Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My visit to Portland

Hey all,

Just got back from my visit to Portland, where I got to hang with my brother Josh, sister-in-law Tashina, and little Mia Pearl! Needless to say, fun was abundant, and great times were had.

All of the food there was amazing, from the gravy at Gravy, the pastrami at Kenny & Zukes, Josh's homemade mac, little goodburgers, Tasty & Sons, etc etc etc. Downtown Portland and its surrounding districts were all very neat, artistic, well-designed and maintained. The ladies were cute, the weather - as expected, and getting a chance to hang around with family I haven't seen in awhile was fan-freaking-tastic.

Mia and I had fun with this gift Ryan and I bought her for christmas

Zoo Bomb bikes, these are 'stored' here and then on Saturday nights if anyone wants to coast down a huge hill from the Zoo to downtown, they just grab one apparently

One of Portland's many fine micro-brews

View from the stop floor of a Health Center we stopped in

Another fun little project Mia and I put together

Flavel House Museum we visited while in Astoria, a coastal town where 'The Goonies' was shot

Breakfast face

Mia and I on our way up Mt Hood!

Mulnomah Falls - a long and steep 1 mile hike to get to the top of this thing! (notice the bridge in the middle of the image for future reference)

Looking all the way down -- if you look closely, off to the bottom right you can see the bridge thats also in the image above ^^

Photoshoot at the top

Mia was really excited all day to see the sturgeon! These things were huge and jurassic looking

Playing in the snow on Mt Hood -- but 5 minutes is never enough! Mia could have stayed there all day and been perfectly content

Great times in Portland, can't wait to go back again!


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