Saturday, January 29, 2011

Me lately

ME lately: I've been working on my studio project trying to get it finished before our review on Monday, think I have all my ideas finalized, now I just hope the drawings come out lookin sweet

More class history tours -- I love these things, who gets to study history just by taking a nice morning walk? When in Rome -- you do

Sketch section (click to enlarge)

Old Forum temple

Old & new(er) Rome

Sweet dome

Monument to Emanuel

Richard Mier museum -- suuper sweet!

the class learning away

Professora professing away

Old and new -- sweet design

Rome representing the bulls horns!

The Ara Pacis -- they sacrificed people in here back in the day, you got a really good idea about this because on the floor on the inside they have gutters to empty out all of the blood -- sweeet

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