Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roman Ghetto Tour

The area around our studio in Roma is also referred to as the Jewish Roman Ghetto -- keep in mind the term ghetto holds a slightly different meaning here than in the US. Building in this area first began in 27 BC, and the jewish community didn't start to migrate here until given equality in 1929 in Italy. This tour was very interesting to hear about the history and stories of the area over time, neat stuff!

Class enjoying a Jewish-style pizza, pretty tasty!

The plaque on the wall here talks about the city of Roma in 1943 when the Nazis invaded the ghetto and removed 1022 Jews (only 12 of these survived the camps)

Checking out the Portico d'Ottavia, also notice other (American)students on the left from some other school sitting around sketching it, pretty cool place, eh?

This corridor to a courtyard was designed on a diagonal (not a classic Roman tradition) for the owner so he could get a view of the historic church across the road as he left his residence, NICE

Sweet Baroque church

View of the area of the Jewish Ghetto from the Valle Trastevere bridge

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