Tuesday, January 11, 2011

today's update

Today was a wee bit hectic. After a super long lecture (about 3 hours) I had a chance to get some lunch at a nearby restaurant. In Italy it is not uncommon to have 2 and 3 course meals with large portions. Today was my day to wine and dine apparently. I was a wuss however, only consuming 2 courses, but let me tell you they were more than filling. Had a nice large beer to go with it as well, it was great.

Birra <3


Chicken and salad?

Some random park with a fountain near our studio :)

After this I headed to the airport to try and recover my still missing bags, and after a lot of yelling and stressing and being mad I was able to uncover 1 of the 2. The second is apparently still waiting to be shipped to me, which is what they have been saying for 3 days now. So needless to say I still don't believe them....ugh what terrible customer service!

Train ride!

Me and Leila both had to go to the airport, both ended up with the same "success"

Way back home, notice the sweet pink poof I have on my bag.

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