Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 1 Roma

So I finally got a chance to go see the site of our first project we had been talking about this whole time. I'm pretty impressed I have to say. Our assignment is to design a space for ancient greek/roman musical performance, practice, and display. The site is an ancient church in centro roma, one that has been renovated many times over, and I have to say one of the most interesting parts of this project, its the building itself. The physical layers you can see on the interior, the masking and remaking, reshaping that has been taking for hundreds of years is shown throughout, and to represent this quality is going to be the first priority in my design. Check out this place!

assignment document (click to enlarge)

class field trip to site -- everyone trying to pile in

reveal of the colum(s) on the corners, suuuupper neat

interior shot from the entry towards the rear

looking to upper level (renovation)

In the upper level, looking towards the rear

renovation truss joint

Chillin in the studio -- check out my new kicks!

View from our studio window -- lovin it!

I love ROMA!

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