Friday, October 1, 2010


Today was a bit of a long haul, with lots of upside!

Got up early to give a tour of my apt for a person interested in subleasing for the spring semester while I am away in Rome, that seemed to go well, though he's still perusing, we'll see how that plays out...

Sat around for about 5 mins after that until me and some architecture students of mine went as a group to visit FEH Associates, a firm I interned for this summer, to meet with an architect there about the Marshalltown Public Library, a building our group is doing a case study on for our professional practice class. We met with him for probably an hour and 45 minutes and went over anything and everything you could want to know about this project. Needless to say, we were getting great information for our assignment, and it was nice to show some of my students where i worked, and who i worked for.

Shortly after this meeting we split up our group and a few went to the AIA convention(which I attended yesterday), and one student(Darian) came with me. We were a bit hungry so we stopped by my local favorite eatery TASTY TACOS, and oh did not disappoint, what amazing tacos!

We went for a little errand I needed to run after stuffing our faces with tacos, dropping off some house construction drawings that I have been putting together for the past couple months for some independent clients of mine (Mike and Sandy Jones). It was nice to see Sandy and see her excitement when she saw the final documentation of what will be her new home, so I'll call that a success!

Since we were nearby, I decided to show Darian my home, which was just up the street. My house was designed by my pops, one heck of an amazing architect, and one heck of an amazing home. She really seemed to like it, plus she got a bonus in the fact that my parents had leftover treats from their coffee shop that they run on a seasonal basis, and she seemed to enjoy that as well.

After leaving my home, Darian and I decided to travel to Marshalltown to see the Library for ourselves, it was a nice little 45 minute drive to get there, beautiful weather today. We met with Carole, the library director, and she gave us a great tour of the building and described all of the different components that were a part of the design. We also had a chance to visit the old Carnage building, which was where the Marshalltown Public Library used to be, so it was neat to see the new and old spaces of what that project had become. Having a chance to go out there and meet more people associated with that project was great, and should really help us finish this professional practice assignment out well.

After we left Marshalltown it was a nice 1/2 hour drive back to ISU, Darian slept most the way, leaving the driving to me. Once home I immediately smashed on a nap...

What a great Friday! Now looking forward to the ISU vs Texas Tech game tomorrow, followed by my band's show at Capone's, time to do some rockin'!

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